Our firm has created a comprehensive and strategic affiliate partnership with several of the industry’s established builders and accordingly we provide a complete white-glove turnkey service for design, building, and selling of custom luxury homes to investors and clients who wish to materialize their dream home. We create a unique living environment that is a reflection of each client.

Our team is committed to learning about our clients’ personal goals, vision, and budget and will strive to ensure each property is uniquely designed, built, and tailored in accordance with our clients’ specific requirements, unique tastes and desires. We will carefully review the entire process with our clients, address any inquiries that may arise, and will give suggestions for the ideal property to be built.

We will discuss and review the timeline and budget required for the project and will implement a plan that is detailed and revisited regularly to ensure our team & clients are on track throughout the process.
The start-to-finish timeline will include projected commencement and completion dates of each stage of the process, any milestones, as well as each service teams and clients responsibilities throughout the process.

Our elite Realtor team will search for the ideal land, negotiate the best price & terms, and will look after all necessary paperwork.

Our team will look after the design & drawing of architectural and floor plans to ensure our clients’ vision is materialized on paper.

Our team will obtain all necessary paperwork, building permits, and planning approvals required.

We will carry out the building and construction job from start to finish. From the waterproofing of the foundation, framing of the structure, installation of the final finishes, unique wall and ceiling designs, exotic flooring and fireplace designs, sprawling master ensuite, lavish theatres, and to the shimmering pools each stage of construction will be executed with precision and perfection.

Once the home is built, we will provide a complimentary white-glove delivery service of the home to our clients in a manner appropriate for a luxury home. We will arrange to have it thoroughly cleaned, ensure it is ready in a presentable manner, and will present the new homeowners with a gift basket.

If the project is for investment purposes, we will market and sell it to achieve the maximum return on the investment.